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Luna Mora Mijas 2015

This Festival will be celebrated during two weekends, from July 17th to July 19th and from July 31st to August 2nd.

Street will be decorated with 60.000 candles. The festival is celebrated arround the old wall, and on nearby streets .

Candles will be the only lighting in the streets.

Cartel Luna Mora Mijas 2015

Picture Luna Mora Mijas 2015

There will be a market with handycrafts, ‘andalusí’ music, dance classes and other activities.


Dorantes “Sin Muros”.

Dorantes, was born in Sevilla, on 1969, He is a Flamenco pianist very famous in Spain.

Cartel concierto Dorantes

Concert Picture. Dorantes

Data of interest:

Place of celebration: Auditorio Municipal of Mijas “Miguel González Berral”. Paseo de la Muralla s/n.

Tichet price: 15€

Shedule: 18 julio, 23:00.


Cabalgando (Remember a Manuel). Las Montoya.

Family saga told through women Montoya family. With his songs tell us of the history of flamenco that have helped forge.


  • Lole Montoya.
  • Angelita Montoya.
  • Alba Molina.


  • Carmelilla Montoya.


  • José Acedo.
  • Rycardo Moreno.
  • Joselete.


  • Paco Vega.


  • José Vega.

Chorus and beat:

  • Dolores Montoya.
  • Andina Montoya.
Cabalgando. Las Montoya.

Cabalgando. Las Montoya.

Interest data:

Place: Auditorio Municipal of Mijas “Miguel González Berral”. Paseo de la Muralla s/n.

Ticket Price: 15€

Shedule: 31 julio, 23:00.


More info:

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