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Rent a car. Why select our Total Coverage?

Today we want to use our blog to explain why it is preferable to choose the Total Coverage we offer on our desk or our website instead of selecting the total insurance intermediary companies that offer car rental.

Let’s start at eh beginning. When we make reservations for car rental in any Internet search engine it will offer us the possibility to take out insurance with them, always cheaper than that offered by the rental companies.

In all cases there are terms and conditions under which it is explained that, regardless of whether it has hired insurance with them or not, in our office, we will give you to choose whether to options; hire a full coverage or leave a deposit by car, in most of the time this is explained in a somewhat confusing way for the client, and others explained after making the reservation.

The phrase most Heard by our colleagues in counter is «no, no, I already have my insurance ….». We agree, it is a insurance; It is private insurance with that company which covers the reimbursement of the excess in case of damage, but it’s not explained to the client that be must pay for the damages and these will be then claim to the intermediary, assuming that such insurance ( external to our company), is sufficient.

When we explain the difference between that insurance it has been offered to them by the Internet search engine and our total coverage always we conclude that insurance is only insurance franchise back.

We will solve some of the most common questions that you realize us about this product, we know, because it is not our product.

It serves?

Yeah right. As long as you leave the deposit for the car instead of hiring our own, unique and really useful full coverage.

They should be aware that in case of new damage you have to pay the full costs of repairing it, including labour and the stoppage of the vehicle. Our colleagues in counter will give the necessary documentation so they can claim their private insurance.

Did they cover all damages?

In theory, yes.

What cases are not included «in theory»?

– When it comes to an injury that requires the suspension of the vehicle, you must pay all damage, including labour and stoppage of the vehicle. Your private insurance will not reimburse the stoppage of the vehicle.

– When the repair involves more hours of labour that assigned by private operators.

For more information on these private insurance coverage must contact with your Internet company.

Okey, then, which is the best option, in terms of protection refers to when renting a car with you ?.

Well, it is easy to answer that question, always, either with us or with another local company car hire in Malaga Airport (in particular), it is fully advisable to hire full coverage they offer.

What are the advantages?



The cost is slightly higher than the coverage offered by Internet search engines and other intermediaries.

Breaking down:

If I leave the car parked in a supermarket and somebody try to open the car?


If coming back from the beach I find a touch or a bun in the bumper?

It is one of our most common damage, is fully covered, they can rest assured. It is an injury that, if they have not contracted our full coverage you would have to pay, though the damage has not been done by you.

What happen if I hit the parking column?

Completely covered too.

So what should I care ?.

Well, no coverage, no matter how total it is, will accept repair costs of negligence. Whether sheet problems, engine, etc.

What is considered negligent?

– Driving drunk or under the influence of a narcotic drug.

– Reckless driving.

– That an unauthorized driver was driving the time of the accident.

– Skipping a traffic signal, such as a traffic light, a stop or give way.

– Driving cross country or by a macadam road.

– To contribute the clutch to break.

– Error of fuel when you refuel.

– Use the vehicle for an unauthorized, such as transporting goods on the roof.

In case of accident, which is not the result of negligence, tif you have our full coverage, you only has to worry about filling out an accident report.

If you suffer an accident that has left the vehicle immobilized or has seriously affected the integrity of it, it is completely mandatory to submit an accident report duly completed. Whether the fault itself or the opposite. In the case of not having an accident report with all the correct information we can not be held responsible for the cost of repairing them.

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As car hire company in Malaga, we have experience as far as damage is concerned. 79% of the damage with which received the cars are caused by third parties, when they leave the car without vigilance (with the car parked somewhere), 15% are damages caused by our own customers, either caused by third parties or damage to the vehicles that drive themselves (columns parking, dumpsters …) and only 6% of them are complete accidents. Of this 6%, 92% correctly filled out an accident report and has not had to pay anything (of that 92%, 40% resulted total loss, which suppose the low of the vehicle).

Car damages

Will you come to Malaga and want to rent a car? Looking for a car rental in Malaga who indicating this?

Congratulations. You found us.

Call us or visit our website, take advantage of our Pack All Inclusive (All Inclusive Pack) and enjoy Malaga.

Note: Prices given on our website in All Inclusive package are car prices including full coverage. Moreover, we give you one additional driver older than 25 years.

It is possible, during the booking procedure, select other extras such as GPS or Babyseats.

In the total price, there are two extras that are not included, nor selectable:

-> Pickup or return thereof in hours between 23:00 and 7:00. Considering this a time of «after hours» and assuming an extra cost of 40 euros.

If you arrive to pick up the car outside our opening hours, a partner will be waiting .with our office open.

-> Extra for being young driver (under 25 years), have a value of 4 € per day, with a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 15 days per rental.

If you have any doubt about our Total Coverage and benefits, please contact us. We serve you at 952 17 20 34 and email

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